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Fashon Fusion with Samantha

Almost a month ago I was part of an amazing collaboration of artists. It all started with an idea way back in the summer of 2013 between Simon and myself with the basic thought “hey we should work together on something.”

We were able to convince more and more super talented people to come and do what they do best and all the parts of the puzzle fell into place and some amazing photos happened. Sam did an amazing job with every look we threw at her for the video and the photography. The rest of the team came together to make 4 very distinct looks it was a really great experience working with a crew on a vision. Check the pictures below.


Model: Samantha Reidenbach

Makeup: Alyssa Aielle – Airbrush Makeup by Alyssa

Hairstylist: Sarah Emery

Styling by Elizabeth Seifert

Videography: Simon Eisenbach – Simon Eisenbach Productions LLC

Photography: Adam Brockway – Adam Brockway Photography

Thanks to: Chris, Mark, Sean & Kate who all lent a hand as needed


The team from left to right; Simon, Liz, Sam, Alyssa, Adam


You can find Simon’s BTS video here.

Vanessa and Andy’s Engagement Session

Vanessa and Andy’s engagement session took place on a windy day in March on the edge of a river and at the top of a hill overlooking the valley. Take a look at the images below and enjoy.


Marwah + Alaa Married

Marwah and Alaa’s wedding was a beautiful event full of joy, merriment and many great opportunities for me to take photos. We started with preparation at The Lodge at Turning Stone Resort Casino then went to an exciting reception at Drumlins Country Club finally finishing the night back at Turning Stone to take some more pictures.

Sarah Emery : Headshots

What I love about my job is the super talented people I get to meet and work with. One such person is the multi-talented Sarah who not only is a vocalist and musician but has worked with me twice recently doing hair-styling for two different shoots. Sarah has recently launched her service to the world here:  Sarah L.E. Hair be sure to consider her for your styling needs. Alyssa of Airbrush Make-up By Alyssa  did an amazing job as always with Sarah’s make up for this shoot.









Hair : Sarah L.E. Hair

Makeup : Airbrush Make-up By Alyssa 

Photography : Adam Brockway Photography

Underwater with Holly

I’ve always wanted to do an underwater shoot and I finally had my opportunity. The idea first came up in conversation with Holly, a model and swimmer, during our meeting before her first shoot with me. I consider myself a problem solver and was excited to have technical and aesthetic challenges that I had never faced. Without an actual pool to test my gear I used a bathtub and sink to test out my gear. (More on the gear at the bottom of the post.)

My only objective was to get one good frame that Holly could use in her portfolio and hopefully not flood the camera. What I walked away with exceeded my expectations and I am really excited to share my favorite shots from the shoot.


Simon Eisenbach of Simon Eisenbach Productions came along to serve as my dry hands on deck (the thought of adjusting my big studio flashes with wet hands didn’t appeal to me) and also shot some great video which you can find over at his site here.


Warning: below I nerd out and talk about the nuts and bolts of the shoot.

My gear was a mishmash of trusted tools and those I have never used before. My camera was the Fuji X100, a fantastic gem of a camera which I normally use as my day to day carry camera and is literally beat to a pulp to the point where it’s slightly held together by gaffers tape but still performed like a champ. The camera was inside an AquaPac bag, basically a fancy plastic bag that locks really tightly and worked really well. The flashes were optically slaved from the on camera flash using fiber optic cable which caused a few issues because the flash and cable had to be perfectly aligned on both sides to get a reliable sync. I wasn’t going to fight the auto focus underwater so everything was shot at f/11-f/16 and focus never missed. I had 2-3 studio flashes pumping a huge amount of light into the pool allowing me to take pictures even at depth without bringing a strobe into the pool (although I was prepared to do that as well but that will wait for another day.)