Brianna and Zach's Wedding in Flow-Motion

A few years ago we started experimenting with new ways to tell wedding stories. This would eventually lead to us adding full service video, but the road to get there was long, and before we start sharing the recent full videos we have created, we wanted to show where this idea began and how it evolved.

This is a video made only from photos from Adam’s main camera. It's also where our journey into making wedding films began.

The full story (in Adam’s own words):

I first started making these timelapse/flowmotion videos by mistake, then started showing them at consultations to illustrate how we photograph weddings. A few of our brides and grooms liked the idea, and asked if I would create them something using this technique. Being the type of photographer that always wants to experiment and push forward, I agreed, and as we continued to shoot them I introduced more and more multimedia elements.

Editing these projects has taken significantly longer then I expected, because as I learn more about the video side of things and the strengths of that medium my desire to make better and more elaborate pieces also grew.

I'm just now getting to the point where I am taking on the task of editing and putting together these photo-video fusions confident now that I have found the strengths of the medium and developed my skill set on the editing side to do these stories a justice.

This is the first of these experiments and the culmination of a lot of things that led us to what we are doing now. It's a fun look back and I think it will be interesting to show our evolution.

Portraits_082_02095 (1).jpg

Thank you to Brie and Zack for letting us put this together for you. Your wedding was amazing to shoot, and I have only the fondest memories of what it was like to be in the presence of your love and joy for each other. I’m excited and filled with happiness to think of the many years you’ll spend together, and how dang adorable you’ll be as an old doting married couple. We wish you all the happiness in the world and more as you continue on your journey together.

-Adam & Katie