Laura & Dan: Overwhelmed With Love


“We will be overwhelmed with love today, and that will be my goal as your husband: to overwhelm you with love, support, and happiness, for the rest of our lives.”

— Dan, in his letter to Laura

I almost can’t come up with enough adjectives to describe how amazing it was to shoot Laura and Dan’s wedding this past September; it was an honor, a joy, a delight, a privilege, and so much more. In addition to our usual photo coverage, we were lucky to be able to also make a film for this incredible couple. Adam and I talk a lot about the differences between photo and video, and each mediums’ strengths for telling stories in different ways. One of my favorite elements of video is its ability to capture the words of love between a couple, and the words spoken by their friends and family. Weddings are an opportunity for people to get a little bit mushy when they otherwise might not, and I love that (…maybe because I’m honestly a little bit mushy all the time!). Video’s auditory component offers the ability for us to detail all that good sound-wave-delivered-sentimentality that photography can only suggest.

All that being said, boy am I glad we were able to make a film for Laura and Dan featuring all of the incredible things they said to each other, because they’re basically the most well spoken people I’ve ever met. I would be hard pressed to remember a couple as articulate in their love as Laura and Dan. Have you ever heard of the whole love languages idea? I’m about 90% certain Laura and Dan are all about those words of affirmation. To this day, and despite spending a significant chunk of time working on their wedding film, I’m still wowed by their love every time I think of it. Like almost physically blown over by it. Their enthusiasm for each other is unmistakable, and the joy they bring to each other absolutely contagious. I seriously can’t even begin to express how awesome it was to have a hand in recording such an amazing celebration of the love between of two truly wonderful people.

“Thank you for always dancing in the living room with me. Thank you for always being my once-in-a-lifetime love, my one in seven billion, and my very best friend.”

— Laura, in her vows to Dan

Romantic comedies wish they could write love this good:

Laura and Dan are the real deal, y’all.

Laura and Dan have the kind of love that inspires everyone around them to greater emotional heights. It’s the kind of love that makes you step back from the minutiae of daily life, take stock, and notice the little things that make the world wonderful: unexpected birdsong on an early spring morning, the smell of new leaves poking from their buds, maybe even that awesome llama shaped cloud on the horizon. There is so much bliss and fun and laughter to be had in this life, and if Laura and Dan aren’t proof of that, then I don’t know what is.

So thank you, Laura and Dan, for making the world a better place with your love. You guys rock, and we wish you every happiness and all of the laughter and more as you continue to build your lives together on your never-ending honeymoon.


The number of times I’ve heard people in this room say “Dan and Laura are perfect” or “How did they get so lucky?” is countless — and while we all no one on is perfect, is obviously clear that the two of you are perfect together.

— Laura’s sister, Julia, in her Maid of Honor Speech



“Thank you for killing all the spiders. Thank you for every ridiculous accent you come up with to make me laugh when I'm in a bad mood. Thank you for every homemade grilled cheese, no matter how tired you are when you're making it for me.”


“I am anxiously awaiting this new chapter in our lives, and all of the memories we will have to look back on when we're old, wrinkled, and sitting on our beach house porch.”


I absolutely cannot wait to see you in the doors of the church today; I know for a fact you’re going to absolutely take my breath away.”


“I can’t wait for them to announce us as husband and wife. I can’t wait for us to once again take the dance floor together. I can’t wait to chose you today, tomorrow, and every other day for the rest of our lives.”


“I promise to never take one second with you for granted. I promise I will never be to old to hold your hand. I promise I will always listen to your stories, even when they seem to have no end or purpose.”


“I promise that our cupboards will never run out of peanut butter crackers, or popcorn. I promise to always turn on the heat and throw a blanket over us, even if I'm already sweating — which I am.”

“I finally promise to keep updating these as we go:

one set of vows can't cover a lifetime of growing, changing,

and falling more in love with you everyday.”


“I remember when Dan first met Laura: I could tell right away that Laura was special. She’s so easy going, she got along with all of our friends — she was quick to roll her eyes at Dan when he said something stupid… I’m excited to celebrate tonight, and I’m excited for the future…

So cheers to Dan and Laura.”

— Rob, Dan’s Childhood Friend & Best Man


“If I was ever the annoying little sister that wouldn’t leave you alone, it was only because I always wanted to be just like you. So Dan… you are the luckiest man in the world to be married to my sister, and Laura you are as you are equally as lucky to have found someone who makes you an even better version of yourself…


…Thank you both for always being the two people I can come to for anything, for taking me under your wings, and for making me laugh harder than anyone else, and for treating me the way every younger sister should get to grow up idolizing.

I admire you both so much more than you’ll ever know.”

— Julia, Laura’s Maid-of-Honor & Sister


Ceremony at Our Lady of Loures Church, in Utica NY

Reception at Hotel Utica

Wedding Planner, Jodianne LaBella

Hair by Lizzy Esposito

Makeup by Caitlyn Michelle

DJ’d by Ryan of Performance DJ’s

Desserts by Bite Bakery